Helping businesses to enhance their professional image

Errors in written text can be distracting for the reader, costly or even dangerous. Having a trained eye to polish your work can give you an edge over your competition.
What is proofreading?
I can help with the following:
Health & safety documentation
Leaflets & brochures
Maintenance manuals
Operating instructions
Website content & blogs

Specialising in engineering and related technical subjects

With a background in engineering, I can help with a range of technical subjects.
Specialist areas include, among others:
Biomedical, Chemical, Civil, Environmental, Industrial, Manufacturing, Mechanical and Materials
Computer science

Assisting academics with submission preparation

My service includes sentence-level editing for grammar and flow, proofreading and, particularly for non-native English speakers, language support whereby I provide comments to help you to improve your writing. I can also edit references and format your manuscript to comply with journal guidelines, if required.
What is proofreading?

Supporting students with theses and dissertations

I provide a proofreading service for students at a reduced rate. Student clients must obtain permission from their supervisor before proceeding, to ensure that the service I provide is ethical. I will only proofread for language and will not edit the actual content. The work will always remain that of the student.
What is proofreading?

What is proofreading?

Proofreading is the final quality check in the traditional publishing process. It involves checking and correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation, typography, formatting and layout, as well as removing ambiguity, and ensuring consistency, accuracy and appropriate tone. This list is far from exhaustive and I will always work closely with you to provide a service tailored to your needs.
More about proofreading 
I can mark up in various formats:
Word using 'Track Changes'
PDF mark-up using commenting tools or BSI proofreading stamps
Hard copy using BSI symbols

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